Statement of Purpose

We believe that America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and European identity must be defended. Today, our glorious Western civilization is under assault from many directions. Three such threats will be discussed at this site.

First, the massive influx to the United States and Europe of Third-World immigrants who do not share our fundamental political and cultural values.

Second, the threat from Islam, a militant ideology that is hostile to our society and, in principle, committed to destroying it.

Third, because of the persistent disappointing performance of blacks (which many whites mistakenly blame on themselves) many whites have guilt feelings that undermine Western morale and deter us from dealing sensibly with the other threats.


The chairmanmichael-hart1 of PWC is Dr. Michael H. Hart. As an undergraduate, Hart majored in mathematics; but he later earned a law degree, advanced degrees in physics and in computer science, and a Ph.D. in astronomy. Hart has written three books on history, various scientific papers, and controversial articles on various other subjects.

His best known book is The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. His most recent book is Restoring America in which he presents a case for a separation of the U.S.A., at county, not state, level into a rump “blue” nation pursuing current federal policies and a new “red” American Federal Republic.

Previously Dr. Hart authored Understanding Human History, which is a history of humanity beginning about 100,000 years ago and going through the 20th century. Unlike most other books on world history, UHH explicitly discusses differences in average intelligence between various groups, explains when and why they arose, and discusses the effect that those differences have had on human history.