Paul Gottfried reviews “Restoring America”

Secession Is Our Only Hope

An astrophysicist who is perhaps best known for his 1979 best-seller (that sold over 50,000 copies) A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in World History, Michael H. Hart (1932-) has just brought out a new work, Restoring America that seems as stimulating as earlier publishing success. In this book, Hart elaborates on a detailed plan for enabling the US to split into two different political entities. This division would occur without violence, and the American federal government from which the secessionists would be withdrawing   would be confronted by an accomplished fact by the time the new American state would be formed. A constitution would be framed and elections to office would take place even before the break was completed; and those who choose to live in the new federal republic would transfer their allegiance to it while still technically under the US government.

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